The Best Tubal Reversal Colorado

US Fertility Network offers premier tubal reversal surgery with a very high success rate with its Colorado partner - Rocky Mountain Fertility Center. 

A tubal reversal is a surgical procedure performed to reconnect the fallopian tubes after a tubal ligation procedure. For women who desire to have more children after having their “tubes tied”, the procedure may allow eggs and sperm to travel through the fallopian tubes meet up and fertilize. 

The fertilized egg hopefully will implant for the couple to become pregnant.  

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center's Board Certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist is Dr. Deborah Smith. She has successfully performed many successful tubal ligation reversal surgeries, and was recently voted the Top Fertility Doctor in Colorado. In addition, Dr. Smith and the team at RMFC have performed hundreds of successful IVF procedures, and in the process have helped thousands of women attain their goals of having children. 

As the Top Fertility Clinic in Denver, Rocky Mountain Fertility offers comprehensive reproductive options that are both non-operative and operative. Dr. Smith will review the operative report from the original tubal ligation and also take into consideration the woman's age, weight and BMI. Also egg quality and partner sperm count will be reviewed. She will also calculate the expected tubal length after reversal as this has a direct correlation with success. 

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center offers financing options for tubal ligation reversal and RMFC does accept insurance for certain associated treatments. Currently the Denver IVF clinic is offering free 15 minute phone consultations to patients interested in pursuing fertility therapy. 

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